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Spice BCN opened its doors in November, 2016. This unique chicken spot blends the local produce of Spain with herbs and spices imported from Africa and the Caribbean. The homemade sauces are all family recipes and made with real love and appreciation for great food.
Our mission is to make everyone feel at home and welcome like they are eating straight from mom's kitchen. The food is comforting, affordable and last but not least, delicious! It makes South Africans abroad feel like they are home and it makes non South Africans want to visit!


At Spice we value many things, but most importantly, Resepct Everyone. As a company with many nationalities both behind the scenes, front of house and last but not least our clients! It is vital that Everyone feels respected and valued at Spice. We also value Family. As a Family run business and mama's recipes finally being shared with the world we wish for all employees and customers to feel like they are part of that family. Quality, is very important to us and we seek quality not just in our produce but also in our service and attention. Friendliness - Being kind and friendly to each other makes the world a better place. Pride- Our pride for both sharing South African recipes internationally, and pride in our food, staff and wonderful customers.



We offer Corporate Catering to mid to large scale companies who wish to offer their employees or business partners a healthy option for lunch or dinners. Contact us for more information about how we can help your business eat well and flavorful!

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Our Famous Dishes

Our infamous Chicken & Rice dish will send your taste buds into a frenzy

Chicken Strips

Top seller will curb any hunger and will have you craving for more.

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Chicken Wings

Our amazing chargrilled chicken wings finger licking good.

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King Prawns

King sized prawns served with our delicious and secret sauce.

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